About The firm

Everlong Financial offers comprehensive financial advice and portfolio management services to individuals and their families across the country from my office in Austin, Texas. I'm a fee-only firm, which means I'm paid by you and you alone. I receive no commissions for the trades I place and no kickbacks for the services I recommend. This fee-only philosophy is the only method I feel is appropriate in order to provide honest advice. My clients' interests and objectives are at the forefront of my practice and advice, always.

Over the last ten years of working in the financial industry, I have garnered a wealth of knowledge that I apply to each plan I write and each portfolio I manage. I leverage this knowledge with the most current technology tools of today to provide you with access to your plan and progress. I direct my communication style to fit your needs - meeting online or in-person and communicating via email or telephone.

Working together, I develop an understanding of your needs and objectives to craft your financial plan. I strive to deliver objective, experienced advice tailored to your family to help achieve your financial goals.

Why Everlong Financial?

Clients choose to work with advisers who are objective, competent, and understanding of their needs. At Everlong Financial, I believe I'm this adviser for my clients. I collaborate with clients who are in various points of their lives - from those who are starting their professional careers to the "do-it-yourself" client looking for a second opinion on their strategy to retirees seeking to consolidate accounts and establish a distribution strategy. If managing (or lack thereof) your investment portfolio stresses you out, I can help by performing these services for you too.

My financial plan provides you with a roadmap that illustrates where you are in your journey and what you need to do to advance to the next stop. Without this roadmap, the chances of reaching your destination are unknown and you risk coming up short of your goals. I strongly believe that your financial plan is a living guide that needs action to work. To help encourage your engagement, I use planning tools and technology to keep you motivated and involved in the process. For investment management clients, these tools allow you to check your account performance at any time and to provide updates to me as they occur. I regularly exchange documents between myself and clients via an encrypted online vault. While I enjoy seeing my clients face to face, I also meet via online meeting sites to eliminate wasting time in traffic traveling to my office.

The investment portfolio is a key part to any financial plan and it too needs a strategy to be successful. I believe in developing this investment strategy to coincide with your financial plan so that both tell the same story. I provide you with an investment strategy and how to maintain your portfolio as markets shift or as funds are deposited or withdrawn. If you hire Everlong Financial to manage your investments, you will continue to receive notifications of when trades occur and a quarterly performance report to show progress towards your goals.