What to Expect

Initial Discussion - After you review the website, please contact me to schedule a complimentary discussion. This meeting, which can be on the telephone, in-person, or online, is used to answer any questions you may have about me or my services. I will also ask questions to discover your needs and objectives, determine if I am a good fit for you, and provide you an estimate of the cost for services.

Gather Information - Once you engage Everlong Financial, I will ask you for information regarding your financial state of affairs. A few examples of information I will collect include current salary, annual living expenses, investment statements, tax returns, employee benefits, insurance documents, and estate planning documents.

Analysis - Combined with what I learn from you in our Initial Discussion, I will review your data and begin to construct your financial plan. It is during this stage that I evaluate your current position against your stated goals and objectives. I will meet with you to discuss the plan and run various scenarios as needed.

Develop and Present - After analyzing your information, I will meet with you to present your financial plan and my recommendations on how to improve your financial position now and into the future. You will receive a copy of the plan and the recommendations from my analysis.

Implement - A plan without action from you is useless. In this stage, I outline how to implement your plan recommendations. At this point, you may decide to hire Everlong Financial to serve as your investment manager for your portfolio. If so, I will help you with the transfer process and steps to begin this service.

Monitor - Financial planning is a process that is everlong - the plan that we develop serves as a guide to keep you on track with your goals and objectives. In hiring me to manage your investment portfolio, I will actively monitor and rebalance your investments according to your plan.