Financial Planning

Financial planning services may be as broad or narrowly focused as your needs require. These services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management

  • Does your income support your spending/saving goals?
  • How should you prioritize debt payments?
  • Do you have an emergency fund for unexpected expenses?

Risk Management

  • Do you have sufficient life insurance for your family?
  • Are you adequately protected in your home, auto, and additional liability policies?
  • Should you consider a disability or long-term care policy?

Retirement Planning

  • Will you be able to retire?
  • How much income will you need in retirement?
  • Can your portfolio support your needs in retirement?

Investment Planning

  • Do you have an Investment Policy for your portfolio?
  • Is your asset allocation appropriate given your financial goals?
  • Are you spending too much in fees?

Income Tax Planning

  • Are you taking advantage of all tax saving options?
  • Is it time for you to work with a CPA?

Education Planning

  • How much money should you set aside for college?
  • How should you save for college expenses?

Estate Planning

  • Do you have a will and other legal documents (power of attorney, living will)?
  • Are your beneficiaries up-to-date for all your accounts?

Employee Benefits

  • Are you taking advantage of all employer benefits? 401(k)? HSA?
  • Should you use your or your spouse's benefit options?
  • What are your options as a self-employed individual?

I will initially meet with you two to three times online via web services, in person, or over the telephone to dig into these topics and how they relate to you and your goals. We will discuss your current situation, my analysis findings, and my proposed recommendations in developing your financial plan. At the end of the process, I will deliver a written summary of the plan and recommendations for you to follow and work with you to implement the proposed recommendation over time. The time to complete a plan depends upon the complexity of your situation and how quickly you can provide data to me.